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- Alia Gabres, Author -

To all the little people with atlases for passports.

May you find your home and your tribe wherever your feet go …

Alia Gabres is one of a family of multi-generational storytellers. She is an Eritrean, born in Saudi Arabia, raised in Australia, and currently living in the United States.

Alia’s first memories of storytelling were in her grandmother’s living room which was always big enough to fit one more family member, neighbour, or friend. In her grandmother’s living room Alia was exposed to a whole world of stories, memories, and conversations from Africa, Europe, and the Americas.

It’s through these stories that she learnt the beautiful and tragic realities of living in diaspora.

Alia studied professional writing and completed a masters in community and cultural development. Her art education allowed her to participate in creative and cultural events and festivals in Australia, Indonesia, Britain, the United States, and Eritrea.

Her first-hand experiences and travels motivated Alia to create stories with communities of diaspora as the centre. In a world where immigration policies and headlines paint horrific realities, Iman’s Really Really Big World! is a window into the radically resilient, chronically hopeful, and infectiously curious world of Iman.

Haboba’s House is the first book in the Iman’s Really Really Big World! series.

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