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Colour Haboba's House is a colouring book based on the Haboba's House picture book. Will five-year-old Iman ever get to wear her own bilay?


In this children’s picture book, Iman’s mother deals with school holidays the way most mothers do—she takes her daughter to her haboba’s house. Iman loves to go there because it is so much fun, and she loves to see her haboba in her colourful bilay.


Haboba’s House is the first book in the Iman’s Really Really Big World! series of the Eritrean diaspora in Australia. Ideal for a read-aloud, this lively children’s picture book invites you to come along on fun-filled excursions and loud tea parties. If you enjoy reading books about your own or other cultures to your child or grandchild, Haboba’s House is perfect for you both. Everyone has a place at Haboba’s House!

Colour Haboba's House

SKU: 0002
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